TikTok Ads cloud mode

Send events to TikTok Ads using RudderStack cloud mode.

RudderStack lets you send your event data to TikTok Ads via cloud mode.


Note that:

  • This integration supports both Events 1.0 and Events 2.0 API for sending events to TikTok. RudderStack recommends using the Events 2.0 API to send your events as TikTok will sunset the Events 1.0 API by the second half of 2024.
  • To send custom events to TikTok Ads using RudderStack Open Source, use rudder-transformer v1.52.0 or later.

Find the open source transformer code for this destination in the GitHub repository.


Use the track call to capture user events along with the associated properties.

A sample track call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.track("Order Completed", {
  checkout_id: "12345",
  order_id: "1234",
  affiliation: "Apple Store",
  total: 20,
  revenue: 15.0,
  shipping: 22,
  tax: 1,
  discount: 1.5,
  coupon: "ImagePro",
  currency: "USD",
  contentType: "product",
  products: [{
      product_id: "123",
      sku: "G-32",
      name: "Monopoly",
      price: 14,
      quantity: 1,
      category: "Games",
      url: "https://www.website.com/product/path",
      image_url: "https://www.website.com/product/path.jpg",
      product_id: "345",
      sku: "F-32",
      name: "UNO",
      price: 3.45,
      quantity: 2,
      category: "Games",

Event mapping

RudderStack maps the following events to the corresponding TikTok Ads Events:

RudderStack eventTikTok Ads event

RudderStack also maps the following ecommerce events:

RudderStack eventTikTok Ads event
Product Added to WishlistAddToWishlist
Product AddedAddToCart
Checkout StartedInitiateCheckout
Payment Info EnteredAddPaymentInfo
Checkout Step CompletedCompletePayment
Order CompletedPlaceAnOrder

Property mapping

RudderStack maps the following optional event properties to the corresponding TikTok Ads fields:


I see a 40002 response code with ‘No permission to operate pixel code’ error message, what can I do?

This error code is related to the authentication of your TikTok account. For more information, refer to the TikTok documentation.

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