Send your event data from RudderStack to Sprig.

Sprig is a popular user insights platform that helps you launch targeted surveys to collect relevant insights from your users. You can leverage these insights to boost product adoption and drive user engagement.

Find the open source code for this destination in the GitHub repository.


  1. In your RudderStack dashboard, go to Directory > Destinations > Cloud Destinations and search for Sprig.
  2. Connect your source and click Continue.

Connection settings

Configure the following settings to set up Sprig as a destination in RudderStack:

  • Name: Assign a name to uniquely identify the destination.
  • API Key: Enter your Sprig API key by logging in to your Sprig dashboard and going to Integrations > Installation > JavaScript.

Connection mode

Specify how you want to route events from your source to Sprig.

RudderStack supports sending events to Sprig via the following connection modes:

Connection modeWebMobileServer
Device modeSupported--
Cloud mode---

Configuration settings

  • Client-side Events Filtering: This setting lets you specify which events should be blocked or allowed to flow through to Sprig. For more information on this setting, see Client-side Events Filtering.
  • OneTrust Cookie Categories: This setting lets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to Sprig.


You can use the identify call to identify a user in Sprig.

A sample identify call is shown:

rudderanalytics.identify('1hKOmRA4GRlm', {
  firstName: 'Alex',
  lastName: 'Keener',
  email: "alex@example.com"

Supported mappings

RudderStack maps the following optional user attributes in the identify events to the corresponding Sprig fields:

RudderStack propertySprig property


The track call lets you record any user actions along with the associated properties.

A sample track call is shown:

rudderanalytics.track('Sample Survey', {
  plan: "Annual",
  accountType: "Pro"

If you send a track event called Signed Out, then RudderStack automatically maps it to the logoutUser event before sending it to Sprig. Otherwise, it maps the following event/properties to the corresponding Sprig fields:

RudderStack propertySprig property

Sprig expects the event name to be present in the eventName key. Hence, if you send a track event named Product Added, RudderStack maps it to Sprig’s eventName key before sending it across to Sprig.

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