Set up Singular

Set up Singular as a destination in RudderStack.

Before configuring Singular as a destination in RudderStack, verify if the source platform is supported by Singular by referring to the table below:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device mode-Supported-
Cloud mode-Supported-
To learn more about the difference between cloud mode and device mode in RudderStack, refer to the RudderStack Connection Modes guide.

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to Singular, follow these steps:

  1. From your RudderStack dashboard, add the source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Singular.
  2. Assign a name to your destination and click Continue.

Connection settings

To successfully configure Singular as a destination, you need to configure the following settings:

Singular connection settings
  • API Key: Enter your Singular API key here. This is a mandatory field.
  • Secret: Enter your Singular secret. This is a mandatory field and is required for device mode integrations with the RudderStack iOS and Android SDKs.
For more information on obtaining the Singular API key and secret, refer to the FAQ section below.
  • Session Event Name: Enter the event names to be used as session events. This setting is applicable only for sending events via cloud mode.
For more information on sending session events to Singular, refer to the Singular Cloud Mode guide.
  • Use device mode to send events: When using the Android or iOS platforms, you can enable this setting to send events via device mode. Then, follow the Singular Device Mode guide for steps on adding Singular to your project.
Singular connection settings
When sending events via device mode, RudderStack also lets you specify which events should be discarded or allowed to flow through. For more information, refer to the Client-side Event Filtering guide.


Where can I find the Singular API key and secret?

To obtain your Singular API key and secret, log into your Singular dashboard and navigate to Settings > SDK Keys:

Singular API key

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