Reddit Pixel

Send your event data from RudderStack to Reddit Pixel.

Reddit Pixel is a JavaScript snippet that you can add to your website to track user actions on your website after interacting with your ad on Reddit.

Getting started

RudderStack supports sending event data to Reddit Pixel via the following connection modes:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device modeSupported--
Cloud mode---
In a web device mode integration, that is, using JavaScript SDK as a source, the Reddit Pixel native SDK is loaded from domain. Based on your website’s content security policy, you might need to allowlist this domain to load the Reddit Pixel SDK successfully.

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to Reddit Pixel, follow these steps:

  1. From your RudderStack dashboard, add the source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Reddit Pixel.
  2. Assign a name to your destination and click Continue.

Connection settings

To successfully configure Reddit Pixel as a destination, configure the following settings:

  • Pixel ID: Enter your Reddit Pixel ID.
  • Mapping to trigger the Reddit Pixel events for the respective events set here: Use this setting to map custom event names to the standard Reddit Pixel events.
  • Client-side Events Filtering: This setting lets you specify which events should be blocked or allowed to flow through to Reddit Pixel. Refer to the Client-side Events Filtering guide for more information.
  • Use device mode to send events: As this is a web device mode-only destination, this setting is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.
  • OneTrust Cookie Categories: This setting lets you associate OneTrust cookie consent groups to Reddit Pixel.


You can use the identify call to update the user’s signup information.

A sample identify call is as shown:



When you make a page call, the track event is sent as PageVisit to rdt('track,'PageVisit'). RudderStack ignores any parameter sent to

A sample page call is as shown:


The track call lets you capture user events along with the properties associated with them.

A sample track call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.track("Product Added")

Property mappings

The following table lists the event mapping from RudderStack to Reddit Pixel’s standard events:

RudderStack eventReddit Pixel standard event
Product AddedAdd to Cart
Product Added to WishlistAdd to Wishlist
Order CompletedPurchase

The following table lists the custom events mapping from RudderStack to Reddit Pixel’s standard events:

RudderStack eventReddit Pixel standard event
View ContentViewContent
Reddit Pixel does not support any other custom events apart from the ones mentioned above.


Where can I find the Pixel ID in Reddit Pixel?

  1. Log in to the Reddit Ads Manager account.
  2. Select Events Manager from the drop-down menu in the top-left corner.
  1. Select Set Up Reddit Pixel and choose from one of the below options according to your requirement:

Based on the selected option, you will find your Pixel ID on the next screen.

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