Ninetailed Cloud Mode Integration

Send events to Ninetailed using RudderStack cloud mode.

RudderStack recommends sending events to Ninetailed in device mode over the cloud mode.

After you have successfully instrumented Ninetailed as a destination in RudderStack, follow this guide to correctly send your events to Ninetailed in cloud mode.

Find the open source transformer code for this destination in the GitHub repository.

RudderStack leverages the Ninetailed Experience API for sending the events.


You can use the identify call to create or update a user profile in Ninetailed.

A sample identify call is as shown:

rudderanalytics.identify("12345", {
  firstname: "Alex",
  city: "New Orleans",
  country: "USA",
  phone: "8005550100",
  email: ""


You can use the track API to record user events and the associated properties.

A sample track call is as shown:

rudderanalytics.track("Product Reviewed", {
  review_id: "86ac1cd43",
  product_id: "9578257311",
  rating: 3.0,
  review_body: "Good product."

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