Monday destination

Send your event data from RudderStack to Monday. is a popular workflow management tool. It lets you create efficient cross-team workflows and automations for better collaboration and maximum productivity.

RudderStack supports as a destination to which you can seamlessly send your event data.

Find the open source transformer code for this destination in the GitHub repository.

Getting started

Before configuring as a destination in RudderStack, verify if the source platform is supported by Monday by referring to the table below:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device mode---
Cloud modeSupportedSupportedSupported
To learn more about the difference between cloud mode and device mode in RudderStack, refer to the RudderStack Connection Modes guide.

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to, follow these steps:

  1. From your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Monday.
  2. Assign a name to the destination and click Continue.

Connection settings

To successfully configure as a destination, you will need to configure the following settings:

Monday connection settings
  • API Token: Enter the API token from your dashboard.
  • Board ID: Enter your board ID.
  • Group Title: Enter the group title of your board if you want to add an item to a specific group.
For more information on getting these details, refer to the FAQ section below.
  • Columns to property mapping: Enter the column names from your board and the corresponding RudderStack event properties to be mapped.
  • The column names provided in the mapping should be existing in your board.
  • RudderStack will only update the column names provided in this mapping.

Client-side events filtering

This setting lets you specify the event names which should be allowed to flow through to

Monday connection settings
RudderStack will discard the events not included in the allowlist.


You can use the track call to create an item in your board. To do so, you need to specify the Board ID and Columns to property mapping in the dashboard settings.

You can also override the board ID mentioned in the RudderStack dashboard by passing it in the externalId in the track call. A sample track call for the same is shown below:

rudderanalytics.track("create an item", {
  "status": "Done",
  "latitude": "50.32",
  "longitude": "46.32",
  "address": "New York, USA",
  "mobile_number": "+1-202-555-0146",
  "countryShortName": "US"
}, {
  "externalId": [{
    "type": "boardId",
    "id": "3536273222"
The event passed in the track call should be added in the Allowlist connection setting, otherwise it will be discarded.

Supported column types

The following column types can be updated while creating a new item on the board. You can map the properties for these columns in the RudderStack dashboard:

Column typesNotes
StatusPass the exact (existing) value.
NumbersFloat or integer format.
CheckboxIf you map a checkbox column, the checkbox value will be set to true by default. Reference.
CountryRequires both the country name and code.
EmailPass the email address and optional text to link the email address.
Item name-
LinkPass the URL along with the text for the link.
LocationPass the address along with latitude and longitude details.
Long TextString can be up to 2000 characters.
PhonePass the phone number along with country short name (a two-letter code, for example, US).
RatingShould be an existing (≤ maximum) rating value.
World ClockThe timezone should be passed in the continent/city format, for example, Europe/London.

Property mapping

RudderStack maps the following event properties to the corresponding properties:

RudderStack propertyMonday propertyPresenceNotes
properties.nameitem_nameRequiredBy default, RudderStack maps the attributes passed here to the first column value.
properties.countryCodecountryCodeRequired, if country column needs to be updated.Must be passed in the ISO-2 country code format (a two-letter code), for example, US. Reference.
properties.countryShortNamecountryShortNameRequired, if phone column needs to be updated.Must be passed in the ISO-2 country code format (a two-letter code), for example, US. Reference.
properties.latitudelatRequired, if location column needs to be updated.-
properties.longitudelngRequired, if location column needs to be updated.-
properties.emailTexttextOptionalCan be used to add a hyperlink to the email address text on the board.
properties.linkTexttextOptionalCan be used to add a hyperlink to the text on the board.


Where can I find the API token?

To get the API token, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the dashboard.
  2. Click your profile in the left navigation bar.
  3. Select Developer > My Access Tokens:
Monday API token in the dashboard

Where can I find the Board ID, Group Title and column names in dashboard?

To get your Board ID, Group Title, and column names, follow these steps:

Board ID

  1. Log into the dashboard.
  2. Go to Work management in the left navigation bar and select your board. The board ID is displayed in the address bar, as seen in the below image.

Group title

Group title is the name of your the groups in the board. In the below image, Active deals and Closed Won are the group titles .

Column names

The column titles in your board are the column names. In the below image, Stage, Owner, Contacts, and Accounts are the column names.

Monday dashboard

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