Send your event data from RudderStack to LiveChat.

LiveChat is a live chat software and customer service platform. It lets you manage user interactions across multiple channels and deliver more effective customer service.

RudderStack supports LiveChat as a destination where you can seamlessly send your event data.

Getting started

RudderStack supports sending event data to LiveChat via the following connection modes:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device modeSupported--
Cloud mode---
In a web device mode integration, that is, using JavaScript SDK as a source, the LiveChat native SDK is loaded from domain. Based on your website’s content security policy, you might need to allowlist this domain to load the LiveChat SDK successfully.

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to LiveChat, follow these steps:

  1. From your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select LiveChat.
  2. Assign a name to the destination and click Continue.

Connection settings

To successfully configure LiveChat as a destination, you will need to configure the following settings:

LiveChat connection settings
  • License ID: Enter your LiveChat license ID.
For more information on obtaining your LiveChat license ID, refer to the FAQ section below.
  • Record Live Chat Events: Enable this setting to allow RudderStack to automatically record your LiveChat interactions as track events.

    LiveChat connection settings
    • List of Events: If Record Live Chat Events setting is enabled, enter the list of LiveChat interactions for RudderStack to track.
    • Update Event Name in track call: Use this setting to map the standard LiveChat callback events with custom event names.
    LiveChat connection settings
    For more information on this setting, refer to the Mapping events section below.
  • Client-side Events Filtering: This setting lets you specify which events should be blocked or allowed to flow through to LiveChat.

LiveChat connection settings
For more information on this setting, refer to the Client-side Events Filtering guide.
  • Use device mode to send events: As this is a web device mode-only destination, this setting is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.


You can use the identify events to send all user-related information to LiveChat.

RudderStack sends various optional identify properties by calling the following LiveChat functions:

RudderStack propertyLiveChat function
RudderStack also leverages the userId present in the event to set a custom variable called User ID.

A sample identify call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.identify("1hKOmRA4GRlm", {
  name: "Alex Keener",
  email: "",
  cart_value: "cart",
  "order date": "05/21/2019"


If you enable the Record Live Chat Events dashboard setting, RudderStack records the LiveChat interactions and sends them as track events. You can then view and analyze these events in the other tools (connected to the same source in RudderStack).

RudderStack only tracks the CTA interactions specified in the List of Events field in the dashboard settings. If this setting is not specified, RudderStack tracks all interactions specified in the Supported events section below.

Supported events

RudderStack automatically records and sends the following LiveChat callbacks:

LiveChat eventtrack event nameDescription
onReadyReadyWhen the chat widget has finished loading.
onAvailabilityChangedAvailability ChangedWhen the availability has changed for the current group.
onVisibilityChangedVisibility ChangedWhen the visibility of the chat widget has changed.
onCustomerStatusChangedCustomer Status ChangedWhen the customer’s status has changed.
onNewEventNew EventCalled in case of both the incoming and outgoing events.
onFormSubmittedForm SubmittedCalled after a form is submitted in the chat.
onRatingSubmittedRating SubmittedWhen the customer has rated a chat or cancelled the previous rating.
onGreetingDisplayedGreeting DisplayedWhen the greeting is displayed to a customer.
onGreetingHiddenGreeting HiddenWhen the customer cancels the greeting.
onRichMessageButtonClickedRich Message Button ClickedWhen the customer clicks the rich message button.

Mapping events

You can also update the standard LiveChat callback events with custom event names by enabling the Update Event Name in track call setting in the RudderStack dashboard and specifying the required mapping:

LiveChat event mapping

Based on the mappings set in the above image, RudderStack replaces the standard event names Ready and Availability Changed with new ready and new availability changed respectively.


Where can I find the LiveChat license ID?

To get your LiveChat license ID, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your LiveChat dashboard.
  2. In the bottom left corner, click the Settings icon and go to Website.
  3. You can find the license ID included in the installation snippet:
LiveChat license ID

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