Setup Guide

Set up and configure LinkedIn Ads as a destination in RudderStack.

This guide will help you set up LinkedIn Ads as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard. It also lists the configuration settings required to correctly send data from the supported sources to LinkedIn Ads.

Connection compatibility

Destination info
  • Status: Beta
  • Supported sources: Android, iOS , Web, Unity, AMP , Cloud, Warehouse, React Native , Flutter, Cordova, Shopify
  • Refer to it as LINKEDIN_ADS in the Integrations object.

Connection modes
SourceCloud modeDevice modeHybrid mode
AMPsupportednot supportednot supported
Androidsupportednot supportednot supported
Cloudsupportednot supportednot supported
Cordovasupportednot supportednot supported
Fluttersupportednot supportednot supported
iOSsupportednot supportednot supported
React Nativesupportednot supportednot supported
Shopifysupportednot supportednot supported
Unitysupportednot supportednot supported
Warehousesupportednot supportednot supported
Websupportednot supportednot supported
Supported message types
Cloud mode
All sourcesnot supportednot supportednot supportedsupported


In your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select LinkedIn Ads.

Connection settings

Destination nameAssign a name to uniquely identify the destination.
OAuth settingsClick Create Account > Connect with LinkedIn Ads and give RudderStack the necessary permissions to upload and manage your conversion tracking data.
Hash and encode dataEncrypts your user email before sending it to LinkedIn Ads. Turn off this setting if your event data already contains hashed user email.

Advanced settings

Configure the below optional settings to receive your data correctly in LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ad account IDChoose your LinkedIn Ads account ID from the dropdown.
Deduplication keySpecify the event property to be used for deduplicating your data in LinkedIn. By default, RudderStack maps messageId to LinkedIn’s event_id field for deduplication but you can specify any other field.

Make sure to specify the full path of the property. For example, if you specify properties.eventId, then RudderStack maps to event_id.
OneTrust cookie consent settingsLets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to LinkedIn Ads.

Events mapping

You must create a conversion in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager before setting up the mappings.

To map RudderStack events to specific LinkedIn Ads conversion rules:

  1. Click Set up mapping.
  2. Specify the RudderStack event name and choose the LinkedIn conversion from the dropdown.
LinkedIn Ads event mappings

Next steps


How do I create a conversion in LinkedIn Campaign Manager?

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  2. From the left sidebar, click Analyze > Conversion tracking.
  3. Click Create conversion >Conversions API or CSV conversion.
LinkedIn Ads create conversion
  1. Select Direct API and click Next step.
LinkedIn Ads direct API option
  1. Define the conversion rules. Then, click Next step.
LinkedIn Ads conversion rules
  1. Optionally, select the campaigns you want to track with the conversion. Then, click Create.
LinkedIn Ads select campaign

See Set up and create a conversion in Campaign Manager using Direct API to fully complete the conversion setup.

What permissions do I need to authenticate RudderStack successfully?

You need one of the following permissions to successfully authenticate RudderStack to access and manage your conversions data:


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