Send your event data from RudderStack to Kubit.

Kubit is a self-service product analytics platform with no-code integration that facilitates efficient data discovery. With Kubit, you can better understand your users’ behavior and use the insights to drive customer retention and your product growth.

Kubit consumes data from your cloud data warehouse directly, so you don’t have to configure it as a destination in RudderStack. For more information, refer to the Kubit documentation.
Kubit workflow
This destination currently supports only identify and track calls.


The identify call lets you identify a visiting user and associate them to their actions. It also lets you record the traits about them like their name, email address, etc.

A sample identify call is as shown:

rudderanalytics.identify("1hKOmRA4GRlm", {
  name: "Alex Keener",
  email: "alex@example.com",


The track call lets you record the user events along with any associated properties.

A sample track call is as shown:

rudderanalytics.track("Order Completed", {
  orderId: "A123",
  price: "5.67",
  currency: "USD",

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