Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise version of Google Analytics that allows you to get actionable insights from your data. It provides enterprise teams with all the standard Google Analytics features along with more sophisticated analytics capabilities and the ability to export your data and insights to BigQuery. You also get SLA obligations, guaranteed uptime, extended support, and a lot more.

RudderStack supports sending real-time customer events to Google Analytics 360.

Find the open source transformer code for this destination in the GitHub repository.

Getting started

RudderStack supports sending event data to Google Analytics 360 via the following connection modes:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device ModeSupported--
Cloud ModeSupportedSupportedSupported
In the web device mode integration, that is, using JavaScript SDK as a source, the Google Analytics 360 native SDK is loaded from domain. Based on your website's content security policy, you might need to allowlist this domain to load the Google Analytics 360 SDK successfully.

Then, perform the steps below:

  • Choose a source for which you would like to add Google Analytics 360 as a destination.
  • From the list of destinations, select Google Analytics 360. Then, assign a name to the destination and click on Next.
  • You should then see the following Connection Settings page:
1  20 2  26 3  23
  • Tracking ID is a required field to configure the destination. You can configure the other options as per your preference.
  • To add a transformation, click on Create New Transformation. Otherwise, click on Next.
Refer to the Transformations guide for more details on this feature.
  • The destination is now configured and enabled.

You can now start sending your real-time events and view them in Google Analytics 360 by going to your Google Analytics 360 dashboard and navigating to Realtime - Events.

For details on the supported events and other additional features refer to the Google Analytics documentation.


Can I anonymize an IP Address in Google Analytics 360?

Yes, you can. Turn on the Anonymize IP Addresses setting under the Other Settings option in the RudderStack dashboard while configuring Google Analytics 360.

This setting lets Google Analytics anonymize the address at the earliest possible stage of the data collection.

For more information and other FAQs, refer to the Google Analytics documentation.

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