Set up FullStory

Send your event data from RudderStack to FullStory.

This guide will help you set up FullStory as a destination in RudderStack.


  1. In your RudderStack dashboard, go to Directory > Destinations > Cloud Destinations and search for FullStory.
  2. Connect your source and click Continue.

Connection settings

Configure the following settings to set up FullStory as a destination in RudderStack:

  • Name: Specify a unique name to identify the destination in RudderStack.
  • API Key: Enter your FullStory API key required to send events to FullStory in cloud mode.

Make sure your API key has Admin or Architect permissions to view and delete data.

See FullStory documentation for more information on creating and managing your API keys.

  • FS Org: Enter the fs_org value from your data capture snippet in your FullStory dashboard. For more information on getting this value, see FAQ.
This field is required for sending events to FullStory in web device mode.

Connection mode

RudderStack supports the following connection modes for sending events to FullStory:

Connection modeWebMobileServer
Device modeSupportedSupported-
Cloud modeSupportedSupportedSupported

In a web device mode integration, that is, using JavaScript SDK as a source, RudderStack loads the FullStory native SDK from the domain.

Based on your website’s content security policy, you might need to allowlist this domain to load the FullStory SDK successfully.

Configuration settings

After completing the initial setup, configure the following settings to correctly receive your data in FullStory:

  • Client-side Events Filtering: This setting lets you specify which events should be blocked or allowed to flow through to FullStory. See Client-side Events Filtering for more information.
  • OneTrust Cookie Categories: This setting lets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to FullStory.

Web SDK settings

The following settings are applicable when sending events to FullStory in web device mode, that is, using their native web SDK:

  • FullStory Host: If you have a custom FullStory host, enter the host name to initialize the FullStory SDK with it. The default value is
  • FS debug mode: This setting is enabled by default and lets you use the FullStory debugging feature.

Add mobile device mode integration

Once you add FullStory as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, follow these steps to add it to your mobile project depending on your integration platform:


How do I obtain FS ORG value?

  1. Log in to your FullStory dashboard.
  2. Click your Profile > Settings.
  3. Click FullStory Setup to get your data capture snippet and copy the value present under window['_fs_org']:
Fullstory org

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