Setup Guide

Set up and configure Emarsys as a destination in RudderStack.

This guide will help you set up Emarsys as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard. It also lists the configuration settings required to correctly send data from the supported sources to Emarsys.

Connection compatibility

Destination info
  • Status: Beta
  • Supported sources: Android, iOS , Unity, AMP , React Native , Flutter, Cordova, Web, Cloud, Shopify, Warehouse
  • Refer to it as EMARSYS in the Integrations object.

Connection modes
SourceCloud modeDevice modeHybrid mode
AMPsupportednot supportednot supported
Androidsupportednot supportednot supported
Cloudsupportednot supportednot supported
Cordovasupportednot supportednot supported
Fluttersupportednot supportednot supported
iOSsupportednot supportednot supported
React Nativesupportednot supportednot supported
Shopifysupportednot supportednot supported
Unitysupportednot supportednot supported
Warehousesupportednot supportednot supported
Websupportednot supportednot supported
Supported message types
Cloud mode
All sourcessupportednot supportednot supportedsupported


In your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Emarsys.

The Emarsys account you use for the set up must have admin permissions.

Connection settings

NameAssign a name to uniquely identify the destination.
Emarsys UsernameEnter your Emarsys user name.
Emarsys User SecretEnter your Emarsys user secret.

Configuration settings

Configure the below settings to receive your data correctly in Emarsys.

Custom Identifier Field SettingsChoose a custom identifier from the dropdown which is populated with your Emarsys properties list. If not provided, RudderStack considers email as the default custom identifier.

If you have chosen any custom identifier while creating the contact list in Emarsys, choosing the same identifier while sending data to that contact list is recommended. RudderStack looks for the same identifier key while creating the event payload.

You must include this custom identifier field in the Custom Property Mapping section.
Default Contact List Field SettingsChoose a default contact list from the dropdown which is populated from your Emarsys account.
Discard empty contact propertiesThis setting is turned on by default and discards the empty string values while retaining the opt-in status of that contact.

If you turn off the setting and send an empty string for a field, RudderStack will not filter it and any created email (which is opted in), will be opted out for any campaign.
OneTrust cookie consent settingsLets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to Emarsys.


Custom Property Mapping: Click Set-up mapping to map the RudderStack event properties to Emarsys contact fields. RudderStack maps these properties from the message.context.traits or message.traits objects.

External Event mappings: Click Set-up mapping to map the RudderStack events to Emarsys external events.

Next steps

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