Emarsys Cloud Mode Integration

Send events to Emarsys using RudderStack cloud mode.

After you have successfully instrumented Emarsys as a destination in RudderStack, follow this guide to correctly send your events to Emarsys in cloud mode.

RudderStack gives higher precedence to the contact list ID or custom identifier field ID specified in the identify/track/group events over the same fields configured in the RudderStack dashboard configuration settings.


The identify method lets you identify a user and associate them to their actions. It also lets you record any traits about them like their name, email, etc.

You can also send an ad hoc contact list ID or a custom identifier field ID via the integrations object in an identify call:

rudderanalytics.identify("1hKOmRA4el9Z", {
  firstName: "Alex",
  lastName: "Keener",
  email: "alex@example.com"
  optin: 1,
}, {
  integrations: {
    EMARSYS: {
      customIdentifierId: 1,
      contactListId: 'objectListId',


You can use the track call to trigger an external event created in Emarsys. You must configure the external event mapping in the RudderStack dashboard first.

RudderStack currently supports single section variable type payload to trigger an external event. Follow Emarsys documentation for more information.

You can send the custom identifier and trigger_id in the integrations object in a track call:

rudderanalytics.track('Order Completed', {
  company: 'testComp',
  data: {
    section_group1: [{
        section_variable1: 'some_value',
        section_variable2: 'another_value',
        section_variable1: 'yet_another_value',
        section_variable2: 'one_more_value',
    global: {
      global_variable1: 'global_value',
      global_variable2: 'another_global_value',
  attachment: [{
    filename: 'example.pdf',
    data: 'ZXhhbXBsZQo=',
  }, ],
}, {
  'EMARSYS': {
    trigger_id: 'EVENT_TRIGGER_ID',
    customIdentifierId: 'custom_id',

Property mappings

The following table lists the property mappings between RudderStack and Emarsys:

RudderStack propertyEmarsys property


You can use the group call to insert an already created contact in a contact list.

RudderStack maps the contact list ID from groupId and if groupId is absent, it maps it from the default contact list configured in the RudderStack dashboard.

You can send an adhoc custom identifier field ID in the integrations object in a group call:

rudderanalytics.group("group123", {
  company: 'Sample Company',
}, {
  integrations: {
    All: true,
    EMARSYS: {
      customIdentifierId: 'custom_id',

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