Setup Guide

Set up and configure Klaviyo Bulk Upload as a destination in RudderStack.

This guide will help you set up Klaviyo Bulk Upload as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard. It also lists the configuration settings required to correctly send data from the supported sources to Klaviyo.


In your RudderStack dashboard, add a source. Then, from the list of destinations, select Klaviyo Bulk Upload.

Connection settings

NameAssign a name to uniquely identify your destination in RudderStack.
Private API KeyEnter the private API key from your Klaviyo dashboard by navigating to Settings > Account.

Configuration settings

List IDEnter the default list ID to which you want to add and subscribe users.

Other settings

OneTrust cookie consent settingsLets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to Klaviyo.

Next steps

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