Connect a Reverse ETL Source to Facebook Custom Audience

Configure a Reverse ETL source with your Facebook Custom Audience destination.

This guide takes you through the steps to connect a Reverse ETL source to the Facebook Custom Audience destination. You can also create a new custom audience or use an existing one while setting up the connection.

The below steps assume that you have already set up a RETL source and chosen Facebook Custom Audience as the destination.

  1. Configure the connection settings for Facebook Custom Audience. Refer to the FAQ section for more information on obtaining the access token.
  2. Enter the Ad Account id and click Continue.
  1. In the Where do you want to sync data to? section:

    • Select Create New audience if you want to create a new audience in the Facebook Custom Audience destination. Specify the name and description of the audience in the respective fields.
    • Select Use Existing Audience if you have an existing audience in the Facebook Custom Audience destination and specify the Audience id.
  2. Complete the remaining settings as required to set up the connection successfully.

If you have selected Create New audience option in Step 3, the new audience will be created in the destination with the same Audience ID as in the Schema tab of your Reverse ETL connection.


Where can I find the Access Token?

  1. Log in to your Facebook Developer account.
  2. If you haven’t created an app already, do so with the type Business:
Business type app
  1. Set your app up with the Marketing API as the product:
Marketing API tools
  1. Next, in the left navigation click bar, click the Tools option under Marketing API :
Marketing API tools
  1. Under Get Access Token, select ads_management and ads_read as the token permissions and click Get Token:
  1. Copy this access token. Note that this access token will expire after a specified time and hence should not be hardcoded into your app.

For more information on using access token or generating the access token via your app, refer to the Facebook developer documentation.

How do I obtain the Ad Account id?

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager account where you can find the Ad Account id in the account’s drop-down menu:

Audience source

You can click on See More Ad Accounts if the required Ad account is not visible.

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