Data Pipelines Overview

Collect, unify, and activate your data using RudderStack.

RudderStack’s pipelines simplify customer data collection and integration across your entire stack, eliminating expensive data wrangling and custom solutions. We offer three types of pipelines:

  • Event Stream: Collect granular user event and identification data from web, mobile, server, and other sources, then automatically forward it to your data warehouse, data lake, and 200+ cloud destination integrations.
  • Reverse ETL: Sync the customer data in your data warehouse to all your operational systems, including analytics, sales, and marketing tools.
  • Cloud Extract (ETL): Ingest structured data from third-party cloud applications and sync it to your data warehouse.
Data pipelines in RudderStack


RudderStack’s data pipelines offer the following features:

  • Simplified, central integration management: RudderStack offers flexible SDKs and APIs for collecting data from any source. It also offers over 200 destination integrations for sending data to your entire stack, even as it changes over time.
  • Reliable data flow: RudderStack’s event ingestion and delivery mechanisms ensure there is no data loss at any point. In case of bottlenecks like network-related issues or downtime, it provides a replay mechanism to resend the impacted data to the desired destinations.
  • Real-time processing: Many businesses often require real-time data to drive personalization and customer experiences. You can leverage the Event Stream pipeline to capture and route event data in real-time.
  • Real-time event transformation: RudderStack’s Transformations feature allows you to operate on event payloads in real-time, enabling use cases for data quality, enrichment via API, customizing integrations, and more.
  • Warehouse activation: Warehouses are often the single source of truth for businesses. You can activate the enriched user data residing in your warehouse by sending it to downstream tools like Braze,, etc., by leveraging RudderStack’s Reverse ETL pipelines.
  • Data quality and consistency: RudderStack offers tools for cleaning and validating your data, preventing any errors arising from inconsistent or inaccurate data.
  • Data governance: You can enforce strict security measures and data governance policies on the data coming through your pipelines to ensure compliance with various regulations like GDPR and CCPA, protect sensitive user information, and maintain users’ data privacy.
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring: With RudderStack’s event monitoring capabilities, you can proactively identify and troubleshoot any data delivery issues in your pipeline and promptly address them.

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