Event Stream

Ingest your event data into RudderStack using cloud apps and SDKs.

RudderStack’s Event Stream pipeline offers a comprehensive solution for collecting real-time user event data and sending it to integrations across your stack, including cloud tools, data warehouses, and data processing tools.

Top Event Stream use cases include:

  • Simplifying event collection through a single SDK
  • Syncing raw event data to data warehouses and data lakes
  • Cleaning, enriching, and transforming events in real-time
  • Identifying anonymous and known users
  • Implementing cookieless tracking
  • Building and managing custom integrations
  • Automating integration management in a centralized platform

You can see how Event Stream pipelines work in this self-paced product tour:

Event Stream sources

Our Event Stream pipeline can ingest events from from:

  • 16 open-source SDKs for web, mobile, and server-side platforms
  • Cloud apps that support event emission
  • Any custom source that can send data to a RudderStack Webhook source

RudderStack offers a suite of versatile open-source SDKs designed to integrate seamlessly with your web, mobile, and server-side applications. These SDKs enable developers to reliably track and manage event data across various platforms, ensuring a secure and reliable data platform that scales with your technology stack.

Web SDKs

RudderStack provides open-source SDKs for robust and reliable web data collection. Our Web SDKs allow you to capture and send high-fidelity customer event data from your websites and web apps without compromising on site performance.

Mobile SDKs

Use the native RudderStack SDKs for the iOS, Android, and cross-platform development frameworks allowing you to harness device-specific functionalities and optimize mobile user engagement.

Server SDKs

Use the server-side SDKs to track event data from your backend applications and ensure secure, comprehensive event tracking for your server-side transactions with the ability to monitor system health at every step.

Cloud App sources

Ingest event data from your cloud apps and route it to the specified destinations with ease. RudderStack’s intelligent data pipelines can handle high volumes of data inflow, ensuring that your event data is collected seamlessly from various cloud applications and services.

Event Stream destinations

Once events are ingested, you can forward them to the 200+ destinations in our integrations library, or to your own custom destinations (using our Webhook destination).

Browse the destination integration library.

Advanced features and use cases

This section covers two important advanced use cases you can implement on your Event Stream data - Transformations and Identity Resolution.


RudderStack can transform events in real-time using Python or JavaScript to customize your data flows. It can also ensure data integrity and consistency across your pipelines with centralized tracking plans that provide full visibility into your customer data’s journey.

User identification and identity resolution

You can also assign unique IDs for anonymous users via Identity Stitching and reconcile unified customer Profiles in your data warehouse.

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