Switch between multiple workspaces in your RudderStack organization.

RudderStack’s Workspaces feature lets you switch between multiple environments within a single RudderStack organization. It provides a clean user experience with organization-level clarity on billing and usage.

Switch organization

If your email is associated with multiple RudderStack organizations, you will see the following view once you log in:

Select organization view

To switch to a different organization and view the associated workspaces, click the Switch organization button:

Switch organization

Workspace types

RudderStack supports the following workspace types:

  • Production: In this workspace, you can set up stable and optimized data pipelines made available to your customers and end-users.
  • Development: In this workspace, you can set up, test, and debug your data pipelines for optimal performance without affecting your end-users. You can also experiment with various RudderStack features.

See Workspace limits for more information on the number of workspaces you can set up based on your RudderStack Cloud plan.

For Enterprise plans, contact the RudderStack team to extend and set up workspaces based on contract.

Switch workspace within organization

Depending on your plan, your organization can have multiple workspaces. To switch between workspaces, click Workspace > Switch workspace and select the workspace you want to view.

Switch workspace

Alternatively, go to Settings > Organization > Workspaces. Click the Meatballs menu next to the workspace you want to switch to and select Switch to this workspace.

Switch workspace

Access control

The user permissions and access control rules set an organizational level also apply to all the workspaces within the org.

For example, if you invite a user to your organization as Org Admin, they will have admin permissions for all the workspaces within that organization.

Workspace limits

RudderStack Cloud planNumber of workspacesWorkspace type
Open source1Production
Starter21 Production, 1 Development
Growth51 Production, 1 Development

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