Personal Access Token

Generate and manage your personal access tokens in RudderStack.

To consume all public RudderStack APIs, you need a personal access token - an access token associated with your RudderStack account.

This guide describes the steps to generate a personal access token and all the operations associated with it.

You can create and use personal access tokens with the permissions specific to your role type. Read-only users can create access tokens with only read-only privileges, Read-Write users with read-only and read-write privileges, and Admin users with all privileges.

Generate personal access token

  1. Log into your RudderStack dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings > Your Profile > Account tab and scroll down to Personal access tokens. Then, click Generate new token:
New personal access token in RudderStack dashboard
  1. Enter the Token name and select the Role (access permissions) from the dropdown:
Personal access token name and role
  1. Click Generate.
  2. Copy and save the personal access token details securely.
Make sure you copy the generated token as it will not be visible again once you close this window.
Personal access token details

Delete personal access token

To delete an existing token, click the Delete option next to it and confirm by clicking Yes, delete.

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