Billing and Plans

Manage your RudderStack Cloud plan and billing information.

RudderStack provides an intuitive UI to manage your RudderStack Cloud plan. With the Billing & plans feature, you can:

  • Update your RudderStack Cloud plan seamlessly.
  • Manage your payment and billing contact information.
  • View past invoices.
  • Get complete visibility into your purchases, including the pro-rated amount billed for the current month.

Access billing and plan

Go to Settings > Organization > Billing & plans to access the current billing and payment information and manage your RudderStack Cloud plan.

Billing and plans tab

Current plan

In this view, you get a summary of the currently active RudderStack Cloud plan and the monthly event usage. You can also manage your payment and billing contact information by clicking the edit button.

Click the Invoices button to view past invoices.

Current plan

Payment information

This option lets you add, remove, and set a default payment method.


Note that:

  • You cannot remove the default payment method.
  • By providing your card information, you allow RudderStack to charge your card for future payments in accordance with RudderStack’s terms.
Payment method

Billing email

This option lets you update the email address where you will receive all the RudderStack Cloud invoices.

Manage RudderStack Cloud plan

In this view, you can update your current RudderStack Cloud plan. You can also compare it with other plans to decide whether your plan suits your event volume and feature requirements.

To update your RudderStack Cloud plan, choose the relevant plan from the dropdown and select Update plan. Alternatively, you can click the Manage plan button on the right.

Manage plan

You can make changes to your RudderStack Cloud plan in this view. You also get the option to set the payment method used for the transaction.

To confirm your choice, click Confirm.

The updated RudderStack Cloud plan will not come into effect if you do not confirm your choice.
Update plan

Purchase summary

RudderStack also gives you a clear purchase summary of the amount it will charge you from the next billing cycle and the pro-rated amount for the current month.

RudderStack’s billing cycle resets on the 1st day of every month.
Payment summary

Cancel plan

To cancel your current RudderStack Cloud plan, click Cancel plan.

Cancel plan

If you choose to continue and cancel your plan, note that:

  • Your plan will be cancelled and changed to the RudderStack Cloud Free plan with a monthly limit of 1 million events.
  • You can still use your current plan until the end of your billing period, that is, 1st day of the following month.

For more information on RudderStack Cloud plans and billing-related queries, contact RudderStack support.


Why can’t I see the Billing & plans tab in my RudderStack dashboard?

The Billing & plans feature is available only in the RudderStack Cloud Free and Starter plans.

If you are using any of these plans and still cannot see the Billing & plans tab, contact RudderStack support.

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