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Activate your cohorts data in downstream systems to run targeted campaigns.

Once you create cohorts and run the project successfully, you can use the Profiles Activations feature to sync your target customer data to the downstream marketing tools like Braze, Mailchimp, etc.

This will help you make informed decisions, run personalized marketing campaigns, and enhance the overall customer experience across multiple platforms.

RudderStack does not support the Activations feature with Redshift warehouse.


You must have a Profiles project available as a Git repository. Import the project in your RudderStack dashboard and run it. Refer Profiles UI for more information.

Add activations

Once you have your Profiles project available in the RudderStack dashboard, you can view the cohorts data after the first successful run.

Follow these steps to add an activation for a cohort:

  1. Click Add activation next to the cohort for which you want to send data to the downstream destination.
Activation API
  1. Configure the following settings in the Create Activation window:
Activation nameAssign a name to uniquely identify the activation.
Select identifierSelect the type of ID you want to use for the activation from the dropdown menu.
Select your activation typeChoose a table or audience as your source.
  1. Click Continue to verify your credentials.
  2. Review the details and click Create activation.
  3. Choose from Use existing destination or Set up a new destination to connect your activation to the destination.
  4. Configure the destination-specific settings.
  5. Click Turn on the connection to enable the connection.
Activation API

You can view your Activations in the list of Sources in the RudderStack dashboard.

View/modify activations

  1. Click [n] Activations next to your cohort:
Activation API
  1. Click the Activations tab to view the detailed list of all the connected activations:
Activation API
  1. Click on the activation name. It will take you to the source overview page:
Activation API
  1. Click the Connection details next to the destination.
Activation API
  1. Edit the Schema or Settings in the relevant tabs:
Activation API

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