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Profiles 0.13

Documentation for Profiles v0.13

Profiles Overview

Create unified customer records in your warehouse using RudderStack Profiles.

How Profiles Works

Know how Profiles collect, unify, and activate your data to enhance the overall customer experience.


Know the different ways to create a Profiles project.

Core Concepts

Know Profiles core concepts such as identity stitching, feature development, etc.

Warehouse Permissions

Grant RudderStack the required permissions on your data warehouse.

Profiles CLI User Guide

Know the Profiles project structure and commands available for the CLI version.

Predictions (Early Access)

Use Profiles’ predictive features to train machine learning models.


Create core customer segments in your warehouse and use them for targeted campaigns.


Activate your cohorts data in downstream systems to run targeted campaigns.

Activation API (Early Access)

Expose user profiles stored in your Redis instance over an API.


Detailed tutorials on executing different models in warehouse to generate material (output) tables.


Changelog for all the Profiles versions.

Profiles FAQ

Commonly asked questions on RudderStack Profiles.


Explore additional resources related to Profiles.

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