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Profiles 0.11

Documentation for Profiles v0.11

Profiles Overview

Learn how to create unified customer records in your warehouse using RudderStack Profiles.

Get Started

Create a Profiles project in RudderStack.

Data Modeling

RudderStack’s flexibility in modeling caters to all your data needs seamlessly.

Identity Stitching

Stitch multiple identifiers together to create a unified and comprehensive profile.

Feature Development

Use unified profiles and enrich them with the required features/traits to drive targeted campaigns.

Predictions (Early Access)

Use Profiles’ predictive features to train machine learning models.

Activation API (Early Access)

Expose user profiles stored in your Redis instance over an API.


Familiarize yourself with the commonly used terms across RudderStack Profiles.

Developer Guides

Learn about the Profiles project structure, warehouse permissions, site configuration file, and more.


Detailed tutorials on executing different models in warehouse to generate material (output) tables.

Profiles FAQ

Commonly asked questions on RudderStack Profiles.

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