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Delight your customers with RudderStack. Learn how to deliver a seamless and personalized experience for travelers on the go. From personalized offers to omnichannel and cross device tracking, RudderStack makes it easier to find and build lasting relationships with travelers.

Deliver a Real-time, Personalized Travel Experience

Customers want to have a seamless experience catered to their needs and interests when it comes to travel. RudderStack is a warehouse-first Customer Data Platform (CDP) that gives you a unified view of the customer. RudderStack makes it easy to send comprehensive clickstream data to any part of your stack in real-time to deliver the ultimate travel experience for your customers.

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Understand Travelers Across Devices

Travelers today increasingly switch between mobile devices and desktop when searching, booking, and managing reservations.  RudderStack has multiple SDKs making tracking user behavior easy, no matter the device. Additionally, our warehouse-based identity resolution lets you build a comprehensive, cross-platform view of your customers.

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Find and Engage with Travelers in Meaningful Ways

Bringing new customers to your platform and building customer loyalty are critical in the travel sector - brand trust is the most important factor to consumers when booking a flight or hotel (35%). Change the way you find and re-engage loyal travelers real-time customer action and behavioral data. Build richer audiences directly from your warehouse that combine behavioral, transactional, and intent data, and then send them directly to marketing tools and ad platforms for activation.

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