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Connect data across platforms and convert more shoppers


Stay ahead of the trends that impact retail with RudderStack. Create a unified view of your customers to optimize their shoppping experiences and journeys.

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Know your customer with identity resolution

RudderStack is a warehouse-first customer data platform (CDP) that helps all of your teams, from Product to Business Intelligence to Marketing and Sales operate from a single source of truth, enabling real-time personalized experiences to help drive conversion. Our warehouse based identity resolution means you can build a comprehensive view of your consumer online, on mobile, and in store.






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Delight customers with personalized experiences

51% of customers will make a purchase as a result of personalized content and 49% will become loyal to a brand because of personalization. RudderStack makes make it easy to send comprehensive clickstream data to any part ofyour stack in real-time to deliver a truly personalized experience for your customers.

Execute custom campaigns based on real time user behavior

Deliver personalized recommendations to drive purchase intent

Identify customers and design personalized journeys based on user behavior and traits

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Manage changing customer touchpoints

The marketing and advertising ecosystem is a constantly changing world with new tools and platforms rapidly emerging to engage with customers. RudderStack's open source, API-first design means you can easily add and maintain destinations on our platform with little engineering support. We offer 100+ destinations with more added every month, so you can easily stay connected with your customers, no matter what platform they're on or what tools your team chooses to use.

Build audiences on your warehouse that combine behavioral, transactional, product, and intent data

Send these audiences directly to marketing tools and ad platforms for activation

Combine web and app behavior data with campaign performance data to quickly understand true cost per acquisition and full funnel attribution.

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