Know your customer with identity resolution

RudderStack is a warehouse-first customer data platform (CDP). Our event-stream automatically builds comprehensive, cross-platform customer profiles in your warehouse, enabling every team to operate from a single source of truth across all their media properties.

Get pricing that scales with you

Contact-based pricing presents a significant challenge for media companies with high volumes of free-user traffic. RudderStack's warehouse-first architecture and scalable pricing model means you pay for actions that drive better insight and subscriptions, not MTU's.


Structurally lower costs because you store your data on existing infrastructure


Volume based pricing gets cheaper as you scale


Engage with customers in more meaningful ways

Give your marketing team superpowers with real-time customer action and behavioral data. Help them uplife engagement across all your media properties and understand how their digital marketing influences revenue.


Build audiences on your warehouse that combine behavioral, transactional, product, and intent data


Send these audiences directly to marketing tools and ad platforms for activation