Compound the power of your customer data


Digital transformation has raised the bar for financial services and crypto. RudderStack can help you harness the power of first-party data to deliver personalized offers and build customer loyalty.

Personalize Customer Offers and Experiences

Financial Services firms believe that improved personalization for customers could drive a 14% increase in revenue, while 40% of consumers say that providing a personalized service would change their loyalty to their bank. RudderStack makes it easy to create and trigger customized messages and offers to any part of your stack in real time.

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Build Trust through Data Privacy and Compliance

Be the steward of your customer data and ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA requirements. Your customers can feel secure since RudderStack doesn’t store any customer data. Our advanced, API-based data governance makes it easy to be compliant by blocking PII and managing user suppression. We also offer a VPC-hosted solution for additional control and governance over your data infrastructure.

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Understand and Retain Your Customers

Financial services customers increasingly rely on mobile app and web capabilities - mobile banking ranked as the second most important factor after fees, while online banking ranked fourth in factors for selecting a banking partner. RudderStack is a warehouse-first Customer Data Platform (CDP) that gives your business a unified view of the customer through every channel and device.

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